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Love letter #2 (to you)

Yup, still here! I am getting the hang of it, aren't I? Perseverance!

So, currently I am working on the new entry listening to this:

Cool playlist, tbh... I find myself easily amused lately with jazz sounds and, frankly, I've been missing this. I've been missing some peace of mind, some quiet, some music that can relax me (weird, coming out from a musician!!).

Being a musician is so versatile: one can be a performer, a serious one, with hours of practise, with goals and competitions ahead; one can be a musician for fun, not per se amateur, but having serious fun while making music (kinda lack in that field, shamefully!); one can be a good listener, a lover of good music, not having specifically touched an instrument, but still appreciating the beauty in it; one can be a "knowledge sharer" (oh lol, let's just call that person a teacher, shall we?), even though I totally think that we are sharing knowledge and experie…

Love letter? (to self)

That might end up looking more like a page of a journal (oh, how many years has it been? That seems so nostalgic atm)...

It's funny, ending up writing bits and thoughts of a troubled mind - not so troubled tbh, just a bit stressed out! After all, the year for a lifelong student/teacher like me is always starting now. I wish sometimes I were more like a "real" musician, they don't know shit of months, seasons, years...All they need to do is fucking practise! Yes, that's kicks right back! The feeling of unworthiness, of doing mere, simple things as a pianist but hell, do I have work as a teacher (fuck yea, shoutout to those monthly paychecks!). Where is the love in that, will you (oh, poor you, poor reader, if only there were none) probably wonder!

It's always there and nowhere. Everybody is talking now about self-care, self-love, taking some time off to recharge and all those things. Seriously, the moment a pianist (aka me) takes even a single momen…