Love letter #2 (to you)

Yup, still here! I am getting the hang of it, aren't I? Perseverance!

So, currently I am working on the new entry listening to this:

Cool playlist, tbh... I find myself easily amused lately with jazz sounds and, frankly, I've been missing this. I've been missing some peace of mind, some quiet, some music that can relax me (weird, coming out from a musician!!).

Being a musician is so versatile: one can be a performer, a serious one, with hours of practise, with goals and competitions ahead; one can be a musician for fun, not per se amateur, but having serious fun while making music (kinda lack in that field, shamefully!); one can be a good listener, a lover of good music, not having specifically touched an instrument, but still appreciating the beauty in it; one can be a "knowledge sharer" (oh lol, let's just call that person a teacher, shall we?), even though I totally think that we are sharing knowledge and experiences (not only technique) and LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER. 

How on earth can one be all at the same time?

There's no apparent answer to that - and it doesn't apply only to musicians! Let's face it, most of us are working in fields that have so many variant sub-fields. We live in the world of specialization, the world of abundance (in information, feelings, products etc). We experience many different things, most of the times ALL.AT.ONCE! For fuck's sake, how can people keep up with that lifestyle? And we are! Everybody is struggling to make ends meet (yes, struggling, because even if we are getting a good paycheck at the end of the month, we definitely sacrificed a lot of well-being things before that!). Is this how it's going to be? Are we really going to become machines that work-work-work and not having time to go have a fucking drink after an impromptu phone call from a friend?

I have seriously been talking about this for the last couple of days. How is it that everyone agrees and yet we are all rolling on our hamster wheel the very next day? It might be that I grew up and lived many of my good years in a different country, with a different approach in life (but also in aspects such as work ethics, micro-economics, arts, healthcare etc). Having lived abroad for a significant time, I've experienced so many differences in the small things. I am not complaining for work, salaries, healthcare, that sure looks promising...What I miss (and actually DO complain about) is HUMAN CONTACT!!!!!

Ok, it's not the first time I am doing this discussion, so feel free to share opinions on the matter (for sure it looks a bit better than a monologue - it's called communication!!!). Writing a love letter is supposed to be easy, but people are actually shaking when the letter reaches the recipient. Normally I am not shaking having to talk about how much I miss clean, true relationships (oh in the foreign land that I ended up!) but for sure it can be challenging writing with the thought that someone would actually read it and maybe relate to what I say (or not, that can also be the case, feel free to disagree!). It's journaling but it's also blogging - I'd rather do it here than in my notebook, where I probably won't go back to read through. I am THAT eager to find communication, that I open up my trashcan - oopsie, I mean my mind - exposing these thoughts completely in public.

If you have similar issues, share them with your people close to you, communicate, send a text, for fuck's sake CALL them! If you are missing someone, just go and fucking say it! If you want a beer, no matter how tired you are, go out with the friends that just called you, you' ll feel better afterwards (well, unless you drink more than 5, then no!). Go and look for other humans with the same fears, thoughts, interests, habits, or even not, go find someone weird, different, learn from them...Just go! Don't close doors! You shouldn't take them for granted, maybe they won't open again. What the hell do you have to lose? 1 hour less sleep? The bus? Take the next one! You 'll survive! Just go make friends and communicate, because TIME FLIES!

Ah having said that, I think I will go on listening to the playlist with so many cheesy songs in jazzy versions...Easy-going music!


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