Words fade?

Currently on my playlist (and for the last few weeks!) the always evolving Gorillaz band with a song that gets stuck pretty easily in my mind (as most of their songs do):

The thing is that the more I listen to their sound, the more I realize how multi-dimensional, always creative and evolving art is. Why do we stay the same, then? Putting these thoughts on black and white will make this a permanent stain, as it will stay for me and you to read again (if one feels the need, of course, no pressure!!!).

Today's fact: being around friends, of different backgrounds, that all ended up astray and found a common -temporary for some- home far from our actual home, being around them made me think how many opportunities will we get to get together like that and cook, eat, drink, listen to music and talk. I don't know if I started the discussion or I just grabbed the chance from someone that mentioned something about going to another country afte…

Home is where what is?

I decided to retire to my bed... It's 1pm. Midday! And I couldn't stand doing nothing in the living room, so I decided to go do nothing on my bed!

It's funny how I've been in the new place for a month already. A very busy, hectic, crazy month, when I barely see my house and the only times I enjoy my bed is 5 minutes between me getting cozy under the covers and falling asleep.

So I decided to go enjoy my bed in the middle of the day, before going to work!

So what is it then that will make the feeling of hominess strike? This place is such an upgrade, much cozier and spacious than the previous one..But why does it feel -still- weird to be in bed? Like it's a rental bed, a temporary space...Oh, I know! It's MEMORIES!

Memories will happen, they will come with the natural flow of time, no? Of course, there will be times when I will have friends over, for a wine, for tea, for hanging out! Cozy moments on my own (oh, when will that happen again?), just under my blanki…

Love letter #2 (to you)

Yup, still here! I am getting the hang of it, aren't I? Perseverance!

So, currently I am working on the new entry listening to this:

Cool playlist, tbh... I find myself easily amused lately with jazz sounds and, frankly, I've been missing this. I've been missing some peace of mind, some quiet, some music that can relax me (weird, coming out from a musician!!).

Being a musician is so versatile: one can be a performer, a serious one, with hours of practise, with goals and competitions ahead; one can be a musician for fun, not per se amateur, but having serious fun while making music (kinda lack in that field, shamefully!); one can be a good listener, a lover of good music, not having specifically touched an instrument, but still appreciating the beauty in it; one can be a "knowledge sharer" (oh lol, let's just call that person a teacher, shall we?), even though I totally think that we are sharing knowledge and experie…

Love letter? (to self)

That might end up looking more like a page of a journal (oh, how many years has it been? That seems so nostalgic atm)...

It's funny, ending up writing bits and thoughts of a troubled mind - not so troubled tbh, just a bit stressed out! After all, the year for a lifelong student/teacher like me is always starting now. I wish sometimes I were more like a "real" musician, they don't know shit of months, seasons, years...All they need to do is fucking practise! Yes, that's kicks right back! The feeling of unworthiness, of doing mere, simple things as a pianist but hell, do I have work as a teacher (fuck yea, shoutout to those monthly paychecks!). Where is the love in that, will you (oh, poor you, poor reader, if only there were none) probably wonder!

It's always there and nowhere. Everybody is talking now about self-care, self-love, taking some time off to recharge and all those things. Seriously, the moment a pianist (aka me) takes even a single momen…

January 31st starts with a song

It's my first post after waaaay too many years and -also- my first post in english! (well, yay to me!!!!)
I will greet the last day of the first month of 2017 with a song:

(damn I need to learn more things about adding links...It's been some time after all)

So, off to new job (pretty much the same, but more travelling), off to a new day full of possibilities...

And -pinky promise- I will take all of this seriously, because life is short and I still haven't played as much music as I wanted...

Goodmorning people!