Catching up seems an almost impossible task lately...

So, it's Thursday, #throwbackthursday for most people. But honestly, I don't really have a lot of things to get back to! Apart from the lesson-free week, when I was able to indulge myself in an oh-so-much-needed holiday (ah, ok, I do have something to look back to), all the rest is pretty much the same: work work work...oh and sporadically some fun moments during training and/or piano practise!

Seriously, what have I gotten myself into? I mean, ok, getting a nice paycheck every end of the month suuuure makes things much more worth it, but I feel I got into the act-as-an-adult game pretty bluntly and fast! Don't get me wrong, I like working, I like getting paid as much as any other individual out there who wants to be self-called independent! I love having to plan my day and be productive, making time for the things I'd love to do, such as meeting with friends (?), going to training (that's a must) and relaxing. What I literally hate lately is that I can't make time, I have to FIND it. It's gone, it's vanished, I am looking for it as if I'd be looking for a pin in a haystack!

Agh, millenials! I've been binge-watching videos lately with a lot of "millenial worries" subjects: budgeting, adulting 101, money and time management. I guess what I am currently experiencing could be defined as "adulting-and-I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-PLEASE-HELP"!

But enough of this! This post is not about covering those issues! I could write a whole article about this, just venting most of the time about things that go right or wrong (mostly wrong!) but I am here now just to catch up with myself and my thoughts.

Yup, let's be positive then! You're here, first of all, the planet didn't explode in the meantime (oh what have we done to this planet? *sigh*), you are doing fine -even in your loneliness- and you have work, hobbies (still, somehow!!!) and love around you (or a bit more far than actually around you, but oh well, at least it's there!). You are healthy, your family is healthy and you planned your Xmas vaycay already (yay) so look forward to it. What if you don't have enough time to go out for a coffee or meet up with everyone? You are not supposed to always find time for everyone; somebody needs to do that for you as well.

(Em)Brace yourself, love yourself and enjoy every moment so when you actually want to tag a throwbackthursday you ACTUALLY have something to reminisce about!

Loves and hugs to yourself! (that's addressed to every single one of you)


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